Have you ever wondered whether hair loss treatments like biotin

caffeine shampoo and saw palmetto really are effective? According to MENSCRIPT which is an online health clinic that is specialized in providing online hair loss treatment within the United Kingdom, they don’t.

Incredulous at the number of false advertising, the business determined to analyze the effectiveness of every hair loss treatment that is available. From medical treatments like minoxidil and finasteride to cosmetics and devices like caffeine shampoo biotin, and low-light laser therapy. They’re all included.

The result was the “male hair loss treatment guide”. It provides a summary of the various hair loss treatments they’ve studied, as well as brief descriptions of their conclusions for each. There is also an assessment report in which every treatment is classified as either efficient or ineffective.

As you go through the guide it is clear that the company has taken their duty to be accountable seriously. They don’t beat around the bush neither do they evade the issue. They’ll tell you precisely the number of studies they conducted and whether the research is valid or are just plain falsehoods.

Concerning caffeine shampoos for instance they discovered that the majority of studies were funded from the maker. It seems that this happens frequently, considering that each Saw Palmetto and Viviscal had research studies conducted for them which were also funded by the manufacturer.

The full report on analysis can be found via male hair loss treatment guide